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 The first drum cafe, (workshops and performance) was hosted by Alliance francaise in Nairobi in September 2006 also the second and third, and supported by various individuals, cultural and artistic institutions. Since then the Program has enjoyed support from government, younger and older artists, organizations such as UNESCO, Sarakasi trust, Amref, Unity college and the Go down Arts center who supported and hosted the fourth edition.

Our aim is to perpetuate the art of music by realizing a plan and a space to facilitate a platform for show casing the expertise, display the skills, develop  diverse links between practitioners in professional artistic and cultural pursuits and also impart our knowledge to a younger generation of artists.

 Ever since its first public performance and workshops in September 2006 at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi, the Drum Café project has generated great interest in the public culminating in the need for continuity and create new and diverse audiences. It is therefore evident that there is a great demand for the production of cultural sound compositions devoid of western connotations that will stand the test of time.

“The Drum café ” encourages diverse approaches to building an effective infrastructure of drum music industry.

The programme is designed to give participants an opportunity to rehearse, exchange experiences and perform at professional standards.  Drum Café aims at re-defining music in east Africa with the aim of forging new performing styles.

  • “The Drum café ” understands that it cannot achieve the results it seeks alone therefore we build connections with other institutions and organizations, network of artists that share our commitment to arts development.
  • “The Drum café ”  spear heads and support the development of arts and  work with other partners to build a more just and sustainable platform for professional artistic exchanges locally and internationally.
  • “The Drum café” highlights knowledge and practice in the field that advance artistic effectiveness, nurturing a growing community of practice among artists; and explore the system wide change in art that have the potential to expand a collective impact.

A combination of working, sleeping, eating, drinking, entertainment, discussions and demonstrations of various activities directly and indirectly linked to attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. 

The project has taken culture in a broader sense, in additional to cultural and artistic activities in the strict sense (performing arts, visual arts, cultural and architectural heritage literature) the project has also included industries i.e. sectors which combine the creation, production and marketing of goods and services and the destructive feature which is the intangibility of their cultural content:-these industries include printed works and multimedia, the press, cinema production audio visual and photographic production, craft industry and design.

The entire project will include activities ranging from workshops based on sharing, exchange of ideas practical demonstration and trainings in a participatory format. These workshops will explore various aspects of issues including

  • -sharing of current industrial exploits, experiences and networks.
  • -insight in practical working methodologies and ideologies
  • -challenges in training, presentation, promotion and research
  • -the packaging of culture goods and services as a product

The workshops are generally practical amid theoretical interpretations with a view of getting the participants to share as much as possible with the aim of forging new performing styles. They are also reminded to embrace the spirit of team work and coordination, identify cultural values and maintaining the continuity of and sustainability of cultural creativity as a means of social change among communities.


The project organize seminars aimed at educating local opinion leaders, scholars, young people and other interested parties on the need to acknowledge cultural diversity as a driving force of development, not only on respect of growth ,but also as means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life; to work towards a cultural intervention in building bridges of love, respect and understanding around nations and educating and mobilizing our communities in creating am future of peace and justice for all humanity using available cultural methods


The project  offer trainings to various groups e.g. youth groups, women groups, artistic groups, cultural and school institutions. The trainings cover all aspects of culture –specific value forecast approaches in preventing violence and maintaining peaceful productive relations with an emphasis on communicating dialogue amongst cultures.

The trainings also cover a full range of topics including –strategic planning, governance, developing, archiving and curation.

The trainings also facilitate for other topics aimed at bringing cultural workers together imparting new artistic skills and tapping on their talents, setting them in contacts and collaboration with other players in social economic sectors of the society and packaging their trade as a viable income generating venture.


Unprecedented social mobilization advanced by cultural interventions aimed at bringing together thousands of people , pacifists and nonviolence groups, institutions and figures from the world of science, arts, culture, politics who are sensitive to the urgency of the moment.

These will also awaken the consciousness of non violence that rejects not only physical violence, but all forms of violence. Economic, racial, physic logical, religious, sexual, etc. these new sensibility will take root and inspire the social structures opening the way towards the future universal human nation. Conferences and festivals are aimed at creating a space and platform for cultures to express the need to encourage dialogue among cultures with a view to ensuring wider and balanced cultural exchanges in the world in favor of intercultural respect and a culture of peace; to emulate culture as one of the main springs of development, its economic aspect importance which individuals and peoples have the fundamental right to participate and enjoy.



The development of self confidence as well as realization of the role of cultural workers in society-to gain confidence is to gain motivation

Through the program young people not only make a real deference, they also learn independence, creativity, leadership, responsibility and self respect. As they develop their own interest and abilities they also promote communities and global health and ultimately contribute to global peace.

The practicing of values in action with listening, understanding, getting agreements, using supportive language, managing anger and solving problems and reinforcing the values related to peace and development through original art, drama and musical creativeness that can be shared with a large audience to teach and entertain around the themes of development, peace and harmony in everyday life and work.

The development of relevant educational and monitoring materials with cultural specific workbooks and collaboration values based process for participative grassroots; cultural peace making that can be replicated in other parts of the world.



  •  1st edition Sept. 2006 Alliance francaise DU Nairobi
  • 2nd edition Jan 2007 Alliance francaise DU Nairobi
  • 3rd edition Sept 2007 Alliance francaise DU Nairobi
  • 4th edition Oct 2008 Go down arts centre Nairobi
  •  International festival for Arts 2006 Mayotte
  •  Inter school of Kenya 2006Masai Mara 2007, Earth Festival 2007,  Aqua festival 2008,
  •  International school of Kenya 200, Bayimba Int. festivals 2008 Uganda
  •  Euro –African Campus for Cultural cooperation 2009 Maputo
  • The Drum Cafe 2010 Peace Arts Festival/Conference
  • The Kenya Night - Kampala Serena Hotel Uganda 2012
  • The drum cafe 2013 Nakuru Kenya


The drum cafe continue to enjoy partnerships and support fro different organizations, National and county governments in Kenya and out side Kenya